1.Why should I register?
* You cannot submit your highscores.
* You will not get scratch card even when you reach target score.
* You will not get redeem points even when you play the games.
* You will not be informed about our new releases.
* You are not allowed to access chatting.
2.How can I update my profile?
Dear User when you will get logged in please see the right top corner of our webpage where you will find your user image and below your image there is a link called profile,if you click on the profile the you will be displayed a form to update your profile. Fill up the form and click on the ‘UPDATE’ button.
3.What are redeem points?
Dear User when you will be playing games for every 10 minutes you spend on our site you will be able to gather 1 point. Points are required to increase your chances of winning gifts.Please go through the following page link for the details about the prizes awarded to you for the stipulated points you gather:
4.Why my points are not increasing?
Dear User please checks your browser settings for and make your browser to allow cookies.
5.Why the game(s) are not properly loaded in my browser?  (OR)
Why I am unable to play the games?

Dear user for this kind of failure of loading games in your browser you have to install flash plug-in .For flash plug-in you just navigate to our Homepage and see at the left bottom corner flash plug in link is provided. Please click on the link to download the required plug-in.
6.What is a scratch card?
Dear User Scratch card contains some prizes for you.
7.When I will get a scratch card?
Dear User every game is having a target based on the game and if you can achieve it then you will be provided with a scratch card.
8.When I will receive the gift after filling the form inside the scratch card?
When you get the scratch card you have to scratch by moving your mouse on it with your mouse left button pressed .After that you will find the image of the gift and you will be asked to fill a form and submit. Your gift will be sent to your postal address as soon as possible.
9.How can I place my advertisement in your website?
Dear User please visit the the footer part of our web and you will be able to see a section OUR LINKS and below that a link named as how to advertise ,please click on the link to place your advertisement.
10.How can I submit Games in your website?
Dear User please visit the footer part of our web and you will be able to see a link SUBMIT YOUR GAMES please click on the link and fill up the form provided to submit your game.
11.How to get the latest games without visiting your website?
Dear User there are two ways of getting that:
* Subscribe to the RSS feed available for latest games and to subscribe you will find the link in right side corner of the footer.
* You can download your onlinerealgames toolbar and click on the tab of Newest Games to check for the latest games uploaded.
12.How to get the list of all games?
Dear User – Please click on Select Game option to see the complete list of our games, from that list you can directly select the game which you want to play. To get the games list category wise you can click on the game category at top of our home page like Puzzle, Action, Shooting, Arcade, Racing etc.

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